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I am a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, student, mentor and so much more.  My guess is that you are too.

This idea of “Within A Woman’s Sphere” has been on my heart for a very, very long time.  The time has come for me to put this dream into action.

My hope is that along the way, as we share stories and learn from each other, that you will be inspired to put your dreams into action as well.




What We Do


There are some amazing women in this world.  Incredible women with stories of adventure, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, and love.

Come along as we interview some of these women.  We have found them to be inspiring and we hope you will too!


We will be sharing information, ideas, experiences, and viewpoints on a multitude of subjects.

All topics that are within a woman’s sphere, of course.


We have spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours learning from many very interesting and successful individuals.

It is time to pass on much of what has been gleaned from others.

Her Story

Many Women Have Inspired This Dream
Here Are Some Of Their Stories...

What Is It?

Having faith in something or someone is not the same thing as religion.

You must have faith to have religion, but conversely, you don’t need religion to have faith.


What A Beautiful Thing

Family can mean many things to different people.  Of course, our family is those we are related to by blood.

Sometimes our family is the people we “do life” with.


“Money Isn’t The Most Important Thing In Life, But It’s Reasonably Close To Oxygen On The Gotta Have It Scale.”  Zig Ziglar

What Retirement Plan?

Many people have a secure retirement plan.  They have been saving since starting to work.

Others…well, not so much.

What does the word “retirement” mean to you?

We’ll toss that word around some and get some ideas for preparing for a wonderful “retirement.”

Multiple Income Streams

As the old saying goes “Putting all your eggs in one basket” is never a good idea.

Having more than 1 income stream is just smart.

We’ll talk with other women that have had great success in this area.

We’ll share some ideas on how you can too!

Golden Years

Our “golden years” should be a beautiful time for doing the things we have always dreamed of.

Maybe spending more time with loved ones, serving others, traveling, finally getting around to that hobby you always wanted to try, etc.

We’ll visit with women to see how they are spending (or plan to spend) their “golden years.”


Without Our Health We Can Do Nothing

Maybe you are in great health and are able to do all the things you have dreamed of doing and you want to stay that way.

Maybe you haven’t taken very good care of yourself up till now but are committed to doing better.

Whatever the case, here are some things we have learned that just might help.


What A Great Word!

The dictionary describes lifestyle as:

“The way in which a person or group lives.”

Lifestyle can mean anything from:

  • Activities you want to be involved in
  • Values and opinions you share
  • How you want to be seen by others
  • Where you spend your money
  • Where do you want to live

These are just a few ideas that the word “lifestyle” may evoke.  Let’s explore these and many others together.


What Is Your Definition?

One of my favorite quotes is from an entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker, Mr. Jim Rohn.

“Success is steady progress towards one’s personal goals.”

Measuring success is not always easy.  Sure it can mean financial abundance.  That is an easy one to measure.   Among other things, it can also mean:

  • Having a strong commitment to your marriage
  • Raising a close-knit family
  • Having courage in times of adversity
  • Serving others less fortunate
  • Taking responsibility for your mistakes

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The Opening and Closing Of Doors
"No pain that we suffer, no trial that we experience is wasted.  It ministers to our education, to the development of such qualities as patience, faith, fortitude, and humility.  All that we suffer and all we endure, especially when we endure it patiently, builds up...
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Meet Paula, Paula has been teaching people of all ages for 40 years—French, Italian, ESL, Linguistics, Methods…20 years ago gave way to yoga and Ayurveda. She holds certificates as a 500-hour yoga teacher and as a Relax and Renew® teacher, a specialist in MS and...
Is Your Health Being destroyed by Invisible Toxins?
We all have toxins in our bodies, we are bombarded with them each and every day. No matter how clean a lifestyle you are now living there are toxins in your body that have been there for a very long time. For many, they are causing serious health issues. Answer these...
My Story
I am a wife, a mother of three grown amazing children that have given me 10 equally amazing grandchildren.  Loving animals there have always been dogs and a cat in our home.. Plus the kids when they were young had guinea pigs, hamsters,  fish, rabbits to name a few....
Last Dance With Daddy
From the time I was a very little girl, I had heard stories of what a terrific dancer my Dad was.  My Mother and my aunt used to say that he was as good a dancer as the famous dancer Fred Astaire.  But throughout my growing up years I had never seen him dance with my...
Saying Goodbye
One of the most difficult things we will ever have to do in this life is saying goodbye to a family member or friend who will soon be passing on to their next life.  We will all be doing this one day and our friends and family will be having the same difficult time....
Are You A Discounter?
I'm not sure who I heard this from it was some time ago but as I was going through some training papers I came across it and wanted to share with you today.  We all discount to some degree but some have become masters at this self-defeating behavior.  An example would...
Whats On Your Schedule Today ?
This morning when you got out of bed you were a day older than you were yesterday. That's just a fact of life, another fact is that as we age we begin to notice some grey and usually thinning hair, it's harder to lose weight, and we aren't sleeping as well as we used...
The House Is all Quiet Once Again
Over the weekend our home was filled with laughter, lots of great food as all three of our children and all 10 of our grandchildren came for a visit. As it always is this was such a special time for me. When they were younger and I would get them all tucked in at...
Shocking News About Some Of The Vitamins And Herbs You May Be Using
Have you heard all of the disturbing news lately about some of the Vitamins you may be taking? When tested some of them being sold do not contain what is on the labels and not at a dosage that would be beneficial to you. Sometimes trying to save a little money is not...
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When asked aren't all Network Marketing companies the same the answer is a big no. There are hundreds of different companies worldwide.  You have to first find a company that interests you.  An example would be if you do not believe in nutrition why would you want to...
Beautiful Bald Eagle In A Cage
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I think we can almost all agree that there is no such thing as job security in this day and age. We all know someone or have been that someone who after putting in 20 - 30 years with a company not to mention loyalty to that company and still have gotten that dreaded...
Snap Crackle Pop
When you roll out of your bed each morning do you hear your bones, snap, crackle and pop?  Is your lower back screaming OUCH?  Do you head to the bathroom and glance in the mirror and wonder who is that old lady or man looking back at you?  If so I have some...
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 How do you select the best MLM for you? Here are a  few questions you might ask yourself while trying to decide. 1.  Do you have any interest in the product or service?  If you have no interest in health why would you want to join an MLM that is promoting health and...
I Had A Plan Do You?
I used to live in this beautiful home. It sat on a hill on 13 acres overlooking the beautiful Treasure Valley in Idaho. We assumed we were set for life.  We were partners in a High-End Home Construction Company, we owned numerous Rental Properties,  a  Home Decor...

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