I think we can almost all agree that there is no such thing as job security in this day and age. We all know someone or have been that someone who after putting in 20 – 30 years with a company not to mention loyalty to that company and still have gotten that dreaded pink slip when the company decided to downsize.  We also know the older we are the harder it is to get a good job.  People that are earning a six-figure income have also experienced that they were some of the first to go over those making $40,000 or $50,000…

I have been self-employed since I bought my first Beauty Salon at 26 yrs old and during all those years I always had a Plan B to fall back on.  For me, that Plan B was Network Marketing. I loved the quality of the products and the Company gave me an opportunity to work the business around what I was already doing and I was able to take advantage of the excellent Tax Benefits.  I had the opportunity to travel to fun conventions and meet new and interesting people.

We eventually sold our Day Spa when I realized my business owned me, and my time,  there was no time to enjoy the success of the business.  We owned a construction company with a family member and we decided to move to Idaho and be a more hands-on partner.  Life was wonderful over the next few years. The construction company was booming. We were building big beautiful custom homes.  Life looked wonderful we thought we were set for the rest of our lives.

Then through no fault of ours the recession of 2007  2008 hit and within 6 months, we had lost everything we had worked so hard for.  But we did have that old Plan B and we pulled it off the back burner and went to work.  Fast forward 12 years I am now working full time in a NetWork Marketing Company that I can put my heart and soul into.  I know that there will be no pink slip, that I can work from home for as many hours a day as I choose to.. I have received a deposit into my bank account every week for the last five years. If you have any interest here’s a great company you might want to check out

Whatever you choose for your Plan B just have one.  No one knows what the future might hold.  Don’t rely on your present job to be there in six months or next year. Get your Plan B in place and when and if you ever need it you’ll be able to transition into it  It’s also kind of nice to be making additional money on a side gig.

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