I’m not sure who I heard this from it was some time ago but as I was going through some training papers I came across it and wanted to share with you today. 

We all discount to some degree but some have become masters at this self-defeating behavior.  An example would be your friend gives you a compliment on a new outfit, instead of just saying “thank you” you start discounting the compliment.

Oh, I think it makes me look fat, and the color is not right for me. When you do this you are discounting your self and your self-worth.  Another example of discounting yourself would be your neighbor compliments you on your beautiful flower garden instead of a simple “thank you” you respond “oh it’s just so full of weeds.” Discounting ourselves often comes from our life experiences. 

If those experiences have been painful over a period of time we begin to believe those lies and feel a sense of being less, or just not good enough.  Almost embarrassed when someone compliments us.

We are all enough, unique and special in our own way. Start by just saying a simple thank you when someone compliments you on anything.  Appreciate that new outfit, you must have liked it to have bought it.  Look at your beautiful flower garden and see it through their eyes ..Be proud of the fact that you created this and once again just say those simple two little words “Thank You.” Do this until it becomes a habit.

If we have discounted ourselves for a long period of time it may take some time to just pause for a minute when complimented and then say thank you.   In some ways, it’s rather selfish to not acknowledge someone’s compliment by being gracious.

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