One of the most difficult things we will ever have to do in this life is saying goodbye to a family member or friend who will soon be passing on to their next life.  We will all be doing this one day and our friends and family will be having the same difficult time. For me personally I know that they will be happy, they will be pain-free and they will find joy and happiness as they are greeted by those who have gone before. Can you just imagine what a celebration that will be?

I have just made that sad journey to Idaho to say goodbye to a dear sweet friend. She was oh so frail and all I wanted to do was put my arms around her and cry, but I knew that would not change a thing and she needed to feel my love and support, not see my tears and heartache. There is an old saying that says “We cry when we enter this world and how many people cry when we leave it is a sign of how loved we were.” For LaRae there will be without a doubt many tears shed.

My friend La Rae is an example of kindness and service. She has a quick laugh and always sees the good in everyone. I have never heard her be malicious or unkind. Her large family is an example of how she taught them along with her sweet husband Bill. LaRae had a way of making everyone feel important and special and she always let you know how much she loved you

As I hugged her one last time and knew I would never see her again in this life I knew she would soon be joining those who had gone on ahead of her. I was able to wait until we had said our goodbyes and I had gotten to my car before the tears and heartache began to flow.

I realized what a blessing just knowing her had been and that she would want me to take this heartache and do something good for someone else, to serve others as she had always done. I looked up and the sun was shining through the clouds and I knew I could be a better person because of her sweet loving example. LaRae died a few days later after I had driven back home to Washington RIP sweet LaRae.

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