Today I watched a live video where one of my mentors Diane Hochman talked about the five traits of a true leader.

1.   No Gossip…..    No true leader will gossip. Its always so tempting to listen to some juicy gossip

but keep in mind how hurtful gossip is to the one you are gossiping about and the terrible example you are setting for your team.

2.    Speak Increase Into Others…..Be the cheerleader for everyone on your team. Blow them up so that they feel valued.  Always lift people up, people will always remember how you made them feel.

3.   Leaders are great listeners, they wait until you are finished talking.  There is silent power is learning to listen in the marketplace. This helps you understand what people are really looking for, what you have to offer them may not be a good fit for them. Always have the integrity to let them know if you do not feel it would be.

4.    No Complaining…….If someone starts complaining within the first few minutes of sponsoring them they are probably not a good prospect for your business. There is a difference between coming to you with a problem that they would like some help with then just complaining about everything.

5.     Make everyone feel safe…..A great leader will always work to make every member of their team feel secure and safe. Create a culture of warmth in your team where everyone feels valued.

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