Over the weekend our home was filled with laughter, lots of great food as all three of our children and all 10 of our grandchildren came for a visit. As it always is this was such a special time for me.

When they were younger and I would get them all tucked in at night I would feel a sense of peace and joy knowing they were all safe and sound.  When they were teenagers and began to drive I didn’t sleep until the last one was back in the nest.

Then one day they left for college and when they were driving home for a visit I would sit on the porch swing and wait or just pace back and forth until they were home safe and sound.  Those were always special nights for me just knowing they were home once again.

As each one married and started their own little families I was thrilled with every new addition. Visits don’t happen as often as I’m sure most parents wish they did,  it’s that circle of life thing.  We raised them to hopefully have deep roots to hold them up when the storms of life come and strong wings to soar towards their own dreams.

Today we sent them all off to return to their own homes and once again I felt those mixed emotions of sadness for their leaving and happiness for the amazing adults and parents they have become. A part of me will always long for the days when our home was filled with lots of laughter, a family room full of kids. Going to games,  chaperoning dances and the list goes on.

Guess its time to go prune some roses, change the beds, tidy up and just remember how blessed my life has always been.  I will as all parents do look forward to their next visit. I love being a mother and now a Nana to these precious children who have blessed my life above any other thing I have ever done.

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