We all have toxins in our bodies, we are bombarded with them each and every day. No matter how clean a lifestyle you are now living there are toxins in your body that have been there for a very long time. For many, they are causing serious health issues.

Answer these few questions and it may tell you if perhaps toxins are the cause of some of the issues you are experiencing at this time

.     Sensitivity to smells, perfumes, or chemicals

      Loss of energy, fatigue

     Joint or muscle aches

     Persistent headaches or even migraines

     Short-term memory loss, or brain fog

     Digestive issues, constipation, heartburn

     Sleep issues

These are just a few of the many symptoms of toxins in your body. Health practitioners have been telling us for many years the need to detox our bodies and there are many different detox kits and products on the market to assist you in doing this.

It has been my experience over the years that although many did a a good job most concentrated on the colon. We now know that we have toxins throughout our bodies at cellular levels. That being said we need products that actually will detox at the cellular level not just clean our colons.

After trying a number of different products some I felt did fairly good job but I finally found one that has been amazing and  gentle with  no side effects 

To start with I took 2 three times a day for the first week and now I just take two before bed in the evening.  If you would like information on this product please get a hold of me

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