Have you ever been to a zoo and see a large beautiful Bald Eagle strapped down with one of his legs tied to a pole? If they did not do this he would continue to keep flying into the cage bars trying to get free until he died or injured himself. Have you noticed the defeated look in their eyes as they yearn to be soaring high above the clouds, free to do what eagles do?  Personally, I do not like to see any animal confined.

Far too many people are like this eagle the difference is their cage does not have bars on it but it is the walls of the job they are confined to.  A job that they find no joy or pleasure in. Every day they go to work, sometimes having an hour commute, often leaving before their family is up and getting home after the younger children are in bed.  Day after day month after month. Most if given an opportunity would like to break through their job cage.

This is probably one of the reasons why home-based businesses have become so popular in the last few years. I have been a traditional business owner for many years.  I owned Day Spas and Wellness Centers.  I had amazing staffs and loved the work but one day I realized my business owned me.  I had no time to enjoy the fruits of my 12 hr-13 hr days 6 days a week.  Life’s far to short to not be able to spend it with the people you love doing the things that make all of you happy.

I sold my business and joined a new network marketing company and have never looked back. I work my own hours from a home office, take my laptop with me when I travel and spend a little time each day on my business and the rest of the day with my family. I have the best tax write-offs, no staff. I enjoy time and financial freedom. should have done this years ago.

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