I used to live in this beautiful home. It sat on a hill on 13 acres overlooking the beautiful Treasure Valley in Idaho. We assumed we were set for life.  We were partners in a High-End Home Construction Company, we owned numerous Rental Properties,  a  Home Decor Store and a Skin Care Studio. 

 Within a 7 month period of time, it all went away. We were hit like so many others in the recession of ’07-08. Most of the builders in the valley lost their companies, their own homes and properties.  Banks can be relentless. 

We gathered what was left and moved back to Washington State hoping to start over. After just 2 months we had a house fire that took most of what we had left from Idaho.

The morning after the fire I was sitting out front of the still smoldering house wondering exactly what my lesson might be in all of this. It was at that moment I realized all was Not Lost !!

I had always believed we needed multiple streams of income and was involved in  Network Marketing Companies.  Network Marketing just made good sense to me. Thank goodness I had a business that was still bringing in some money.

 Fast forward 12 years, I am no longer with the same Network Marketing Company but have found one that I can invest my heart and soul in.. We no longer own a brick and mortar businesses.  I am now able to work from my home office, take my laptop to the beach and run my business.  I have a check deposited every Friday.

I HAD A PLAN ..DO YOU? If not let’s chat.

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