This morning when you got out of bed you were a day older than you were yesterday. That’s just a fact of life, another fact is that as we age we begin to notice some grey and usually thinning hair, it’s harder to lose weight, and we aren’t sleeping as well as we used to.  To top all of this off the mirror lets us know we no longer look like we once did.
Depressing? it can be but if we are living our lives in gratitude it can simply mean we are allowed another day in this life to do something wonderful and for filling with our lives. There are far too many people who quit living at 50 –  60 years of age but aren’t laid to rest for another 20 or 30 or more years. For me, this is just so sad and almost selfish. There are so many things we could be doing to make a difference not only in our lives but the lives of others.
I have a number of friends who have chosen to live full and productive lives.  Some are still working full-time jobs that they love, one is a flight attendant and she is 70 yrs old, another runs a Multi-Million Dollar Cosmetic Company at 78 yrs old.  One dear friend is a hair stylist and has been for 50 and years and loves it today as much as she ever did. Some have chosen as I did to sell my brick and mortar businesses and work from my home office with a Health and Wellness Networking Marketing Company.
I love the time freedom and getting to travel and meet so many interesting people. I can do all my work when away from home on my laptop. Then there are those very dear and special people who volunteer their time to lighten the burden of others. Every town has a need for volunteers.  If you are an animal lover, shelters are always in need of helping hands. Women’s shelters need people to help gather items for the women and their children who have had to leave everything behind.  Visiting some residents in an assisted living home can bring so much joy to them There is an endless list of opportunities to step up and reach out in our community.
 For those pesky age-related health issues there are Natural Health Products that can stop or lessen the pain in those knees, and joints. I suffered from fibromyalgia for a number of years before I found a Company that had one of a kind natural products that relieved my pain and constant suffering.  The best news they relived my pain without the side effects that many prescription drugs have.
So let’s get up, and show up every day and fill our days with whatever is for filling for us. Keeping in mind our lives are a gift and no one is guaranteed a tomorrow.  But to leave this life having not wasted our time with the should have done or wish I had.  To know our lives were lived in gratitude and a willingness to be all we were meant to be and that along with our life journey we were able to make a difference in the lives of others. That in my opinion would be a life well lived
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