Peoples attraction to you begins with your story. We all who are in marketing need to learn to tell our own personal story. Some of the most successful people have learned to be great storytellers. Stories sell information tells. Certainly, we need to know about our products or services but people will remember a story far longer then they will remember what’s in the products or how the service works. Have you also not found this to be true? 

We begin with a formula and then add the details of the story an example would be

Hi my name is ———–Before—————I was

The first thing I noticed after using —————–was

Since then my pain has gone or my hair is thicker, I have lost xx amount of weight or if service I have better internet is so much better, or I am now able to send a card to everyone.

And the best part is———-

Funny Example:

My name is—————

Before I found pimple enhancer I had clear skin

The first thing I noticed was a big pimple

Since then I have developed pimples all over my face

The best part is I look like the rest of my family

Now to power up the story a bit

Hi my name is———-I was a dud as an internet marketer ( before)

First thing I noticed was there were many different ways to do marketing online (First Thing I Noticed)

I decided that I would do best to start with video marketing (Since Then)

I now generate leads online on a daily basis!

Some of your stories may be longer, just use these as an example of how to get started …There are many famous, successful people I have heard speak over the years and without exception, they always have their personal story of how their life was before they became successful. I don’t always remember everything they shared on their training but I seldom forget their personal story of what their life was BEFORE Compared To What It Is NOW Have you also found this to be true for you?

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